Using Peer-to-Peer Streaming with FPGA Targets (FPGA Module)

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Peer-to-peer streaming allows you to transfer data from an FPGA target directly to another target without sending the data through the host processor. You can use peer-to-peer streaming to send data between FPGA and non-FPGA targets, but the targets must be capable of using the peer-to-peer stream architecture. Refer to the specific FPGA target documentation for information about the peer-to-peer streaming capabilities of the target.

Complete the following tasks to set up a peer-to-peer streaming session between two targets.

  1. Create a peer-to-peer writer FIFO
  2. Create a peer-to-peer reader FIFO
  3. Create a reference to a peer-to-peer writer FIFO
  4. Create a reference to a peer-to-peer reader FIFO
  5. Create a peer-to-peer streaming session

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