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Owning Palette: DSC Module VIs and Functions

Requires: DSC Module. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

The Statistical Process Control VIs contain controls and functions you can use for process monitoring applications. To use statistical process control effectively, you must be trained in statistical process control (SPC) methods. SPC training is necessary because success in an SPC program depends on educated judgment and experience.

Control Charts VIsThe Control Charts VIs include variables charts, attributes charts, and rule-checking VIs. The Control Chart VIs compute control limits for control charts, create control chart graphs, and apply rules to control chart data that detect out-of-control conditions.
Pareto Analysis VIsIncludes VIs for counting and sorting assigned causes and for creating Pareto charts. In statistical process control applications, you might need to quantify and prioritize assignable causes that prevent a process from being in control or otherwise prevent a product from conforming to specifications. You can assign causes to a sample when you detect samples are out of control from a control chart. Other items can prevent a product from conforming to specifications that need to be analyzed, such as tabulated results from product inspection. You can total, order, and present causes using the Pareto Analysis VIs.
Process Statistics VIsUse the Process Statistics VIs to estimate process distributions and capabilities, calculate and plot histograms, and plot and fit normal probability distribution functions to histograms.

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