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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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The Access type browses a specified Microsoft Access database file (.mdb or .accdb) for text located in fields that use the correct name for requirements or references.

Note Note  To use the Access type with Requirements Gateway, you must minimize the macro security and set the default database format to Access 2000.

When Requirements Gateway opens an Access database, Access may display a Security Warning dialog box that prompts you for permission to open the database. If you do not give permission to open the database, or if Access already has the database open with exclusive access, Requirements Gateway does not open the database and displays an error for the Access document in the main window.

Traceability Elements

The Access type captures the following traceability information from an Access source file:

  • Section—A table in a database file.
  • Requirement—The requirement ID in a Requirement_ID field of a table and the requirement label in a Requirement_Label field of a table. The requirement text must also exist in a Requirement_Text field, which Requirements Gateway analyzes as a text element.
  • Reference—The list of requirement IDs, separated by commas, in a Covered_Requirements field of a table.
  • Attribute—Defines one of the following attribute fields of a table:
    • Priority—A text value in a Priority field of a table.
    • Allocation—A text value in a Allocation field of a table.
    • Safety—A Boolean value in a Safety field of a table.
    • Category—A text value in a Category field of a table.
  • Text—Text in a Requirement_Text field of a table.

Configuring an Access Document

The Access type defines the following document settings you configure for an Access document on the Details tab of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box:

  • File or Directory—An Access database file. After you select a .mdb or .accdb file, Requirements Gateway launches the Select some tables dialog box, in which you can select the specific tables in the database to analyze. The table name appears in the Value column when you select the Table variable from the Variable pull-down menu.
  • Variable—Defines the following document variables:
    • Category—Assigns an analysis category to the Access document. Select a category from the Value pull-down menu. Use the Overall Quality pane of the Management view to review the use of analysis categories in a project.
    • Table—Specifies that you want to capture traceability information from one or more specific tables or queries in an Access document. Enter the names of the tables or queries, separated by an exclamation point (!), in the Value column.

Creating an Access Reference from Requirements Gateway

To add a reference in an Access document, insert the correct syntax for an Access reference into an Access database field. In Requirements Gateway, right-click a requirement in an upstream document covered by a downstream Access document and select Copy For»Access Reference from the context menu to copy cf. reqid to the clipboard. You can then paste the reference in a Covered_Requirements field of a table.


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