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The NI ATML TD type browses a specified Automatic Test Markup Language (ATML) Test Description (TD) file—or a directory that contains ATML TD files—for test descriptions that correspond to requirements.

You typically use a downstream document of the NI ATML TR type, TestStand type, or TestStand XML type to cover an upstream document of the NI ATML TD type.

Note Note  Requirements Gateway supports any ATML file that conforms to the ATML Test Description 3.0 or 1.01 schema.

Traceability Elements

The NI ATML TD type captures the following traceability information from an ATML TD file:

  • Section—The test information in an ATML test description file and the ATML test description files within a directory.
  • Requirement—A step that can generate a result. The requirement uses the unique ID of the step as the requirement ID. TestStand sequence files, NI ATML test report files, and TestStand XML report files can cover these requirements.
  • Attribute—The variable values, paths, units under test, step results, and sequence results.
  • Link—A duplicate file.

Configuring an NI ATML TD Document

The NI ATML TD type defines the following document settings you configure for an NI ATML TD document on the Details tab of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box:

  • File or Directory—The ATML test description file (.xml) or directory that contains ATML test description files. For a directory, you can specify whether to include subdirectories. Click File Browse to launch the Select Files to Include in Document dialog box, in which you can select one or more ATML test description files.
  • Variable—Defines the following variable:
    • Category—Assigns an analysis category to the NI ATML TD document. Select a category from the Value pull-down menu. Use the Overall Quality pane of the Management view to review the use of analysis categories in a project.

For More Information about ATML

Refer to the NI TestStand Help or to the ATML website at for more information about ATML and the Test Description schema.

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