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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Use the following panes in the Configuration dialog box to create and configure a new project, manage types, create and manage snapshots, create and manage advanced filters, customize reports, test regular expressions, test XML syntax, and specify additional project options.

  • Project Pane—Configure a project by specifying the documents to include, the type of each document, and the covering relationship between documents.
  • Types Pane—Review built-in types, customize built-in types, or create new types for the project.
  • Snapshots Pane—Create, manage, and compare snapshots of the project. A snapshot is a stored image of analysis results you can use to trace modifications, additions, or deletions of information throughout the lifetime of the project.
  • Filters Pane—Define custom filters to analyze or display certain requirements from documents that meet specific criteria. After you define filters using the Filters pane, you can select the filter from the Filter Selection pull-down menu on the Filtering section of the toolbar in the main window.
  • Reports Pane—Review built-in report models, customize built-in report models, or create new report models. You can use the options in the Reports menu on the toolbar in the main window to generate a report.
  • Expressions Pane—Test the regular expressions you define for custom types you create on the Types pane to ensure the expressions accurately capture the appropriate elements before you use the expressions in a project. You can specify source text and a regular expression, and the pane displays the captured text that the regular expression returns.
  • XML Pane—Test the XML syntax you define for custom XML types to ensure the accuracy of the syntax before you use the syntax in a project. You can specify source text and syntax, and the pane displays the captured element that the syntax returns.
  • Options Pane—Specify the default font for the text in the application, specify a password for the project, define environmental variables, define user profiles for connecting to a IBM Rational DOORS database, and specify other settings for Requirements Gateway.

Use the Configuration dialog box menu bar for additional options.


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