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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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To launch the Expressions pane of the Configuration dialog box, launch the Configuration dialog box and click Expressions or click Test regular expression located next to the regular expression controls on the Analysis tab of the Types pane.

Use the Expressions pane to test the regular expressions you define for custom types you create on the Types pane to ensure the expressions accurately capture the appropriate elements before you use the expressions in a project.

The Expressions pane contains the following options:

  • Text analysis—Enter source file text to use for testing the expression. Enter text manually, or use the options in the File menu to import source text from a source file or directory of source files for a text-based type, such as a Microsoft Word document, and convert the file to a temporary intermediate file for testing. You can also import source text from an existing intermediate file for testing.
  • Regular expression—Enter the regular expression you want to test. If you click Test regular expression on the Types pane, Requirements Gateway populates this control with the expression you specified on the Types pane.
  • Sub expression—An additional regular expression that captures a second level of analysis to process the result of the preceding regular expression. If you specify a sub-expression in addition to a regular expression for the type element on the Types pane and click Test regular expression, Requirements Gateway populates this control in addition to the Regular expression control.
  • Test—Tests the regular expression and sub-expression you specify on the text you enter or import, and displays the results in the Results Table.
  • Update—Replaces the regular expressions you imported from the Types pane with the most recent versions. This option is available when you launched the Expressions pane with the expressions populated by clicking Test regular expression on the Types pane.
  • —Displays or hides hidden characters such as spaces, end of line characters, and tabulation.
  • Results Table—Displays the results of applying the expression under test to the text after you click Test. The table displays a new row for each match. Select the row number to highlight the match in the Text analysis control. The table also includes the following columns:
    • Line—Displays the line number in the Text analysis control in which Requirements Gateway detects the search result. Click the line number row header to highlight the corresponding line of the text in the Text analysis control.
    • Group 1—Displays the first captured field that corresponds to the first part of the expression under test you defined between brackets in the Regular expression control.
    • Text—Displays the specific text of the result the expression under test captures.


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