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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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The Attributes tab becomes available when you select an attribute or reference attribute element of a type from the Types List and contains the following options:

  • Available values—Lists all the acceptable values for the attribute or reference attribute in a project document source file. If the project document source file contains an attribute value that you do not specify in this list, Requirements Gateway returns the Unauthorized attribute value rule violation.

    Use the following buttons, located to the right of the list of available values, to organize the values.
    • Add a new enumeration value—Adds a new value for the attribute to the list of available values. Specify a name for the new value in the text control below the list of available values.
    • Change enumeration value icon—Launches the Select icon dialog box, in which you can specify the icon that Requirements Gateway displays in the main window for the attribute value. Select icons that Requirements Gateway provides, or add a custom 16 × 16 (pixels) .bmp icon and a corresponding mask icon and save them in the <Requirements Gateway Public>\Config\images directory. Requirements Gateway uses the icon files in this directory and the <Requirements Gateway>\config\images directory to populate the Select icon dialog box.
    • Up—Moves the selected value up in the list of available values.
    • Down—Moves the selected value down in the list of available values.
    • Delete a value—Deletes the selected value from the list of available values.
  • Name—The name for the value you select in the list of available values.
  • Is multi-valued—Enable this option to specify that the attribute can have several values as defined in the list of available values.
  • Is displayed—Enable this option to specify that Requirements Gateway displays the attribute in the project workspaces.


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