Coverage Ratio in Management View

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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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When several downstream documents cover a single upstream document, Requirements Gateway considers a requirement covered when all the downstream documents cover the requirement.

In such a configuration, the Coverage Analysis view displays the coverage ratio described in the Coverage Ratio in the Coverage Analysis View topic. The Management view displays the following ratio:


A is the coverage ratio that displays in the Management view;
B is the number of upstream document requirements referenced in all downstream documents;
C is the total number of requirements in the upstream document;

The following figure shows an example of two downstream documents that cover a single upstream document. The upstream document contains four requirements: REQ1, REQ2, REQ3, and REQ4. One downstream document covers requirements REQ1 and REQ4, or 50% of the total number of requirements in the upstream document. A second downstream document covers requirements REQ2, REQ3, and REQ4, or 75% of the total number of requirements in the upstream document. Of the four requirements in the upstream document, only REQ4 is covered by both downstream documents. Thus, the coverage ratio for the entire upstream document is 25% because only one of the four requirements is entirely covered.

Coverage Ratio


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