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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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The LabWindows/CVI type browses a specified LabWindows/CVI workspace file or project file—or a directory that contains LabWindows/CVI files—for .c, .h, .fp, and .fpx files that contain the correct information for references. For example, the functions in source files can cover the requirements for a library or tests or the requirements for a graphical user interface and its underlying logic.

Tip Tip  Complete the LabWindows/CVI tutorial to learn how to add to a project a downstream LabWindows/CVI document that covers requirements in an upstream document.

Traceability Elements

The LabWindows/CVI type captures the following traceability information from a LabWindows/CVI source file:

  • Section—A directory, LabWindows/CVI workspace, LabWindows/CVI project, function, or .c, .h, .fp, or .fpx source file.
  • ReferenceImplements reqid within a C or C++ style comment or in the help of a function panel. When the reference is located in a comment, the LabWindows/CVI type uses the following criteria to associate the reference with the file or with a function in the file:
    • If the comment or a block of comments immediately precedes a function, with no intervening blank lines, the reference is associated with the function.
    • If the comment or a block of comments immediately precedes a function but one or more blank lines exist between the comment and the function, the reference is associated with the file.
    • If the comment or a block of comments exists within the function, the reference is associated with the function.
  • Attribute—An error associated with a file.
  • Link—A duplicate file.

Configuring a LabWindows/CVI Document

Use multiple LabWindows/CVI files in a single project document to cover requirements. Requirements Gateway considers upstream requirements covered if the combination of LabWindows/CVI files in a single downstream LabWindows/CVI document covers the requirements.

The LabWindows/CVI type defines the following document settings you configure for a LabWindows/CVI document on the Details tab of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box:

  • File or Directory—The LabWindows/CVI file or directory that contains LabWindows/CVI files. Click the File Browse button to launch the Select Files to Include in Document dialog box, in which you can select one or more source code, function panel, or project files.
  • Variable—Defines the following variables:
    • Category—Assigns an analysis category to the LabWindows/CVI document. Select a category from the Value pull-down menu. Use the Overall Quality pane of the Management view to review the use of analysis categories in a project.

Creating a LabWindows/CVI Reference from Requirements Gateway

To add a reference in a LabWindows/CVI comment or function panel, insert the correct syntax for a LabWindows/CVI reference into the source file. In Requirements Gateway, right-click an upstream requirement covered by a downstream LabWindows/CVI document and select Copy For»LabWindows/CVI Comment from the context menu to copy //Implements reqid to the clipboard. You can then paste the reference in a source code comment or in the help for a function panel or control.


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