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Edition Date: March 2018

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The DOORS types browse a specified IBM Rational DOORS module for traceability information. You typically use a DOORS document to define requirements for a Requirements Gateway project. You can also export a document in a Requirements Gateway project back to the DOORS database.

Note Note
  • Known issues exist between DOORS 8.0 and Requirements Gateway. If you are using DOORS 8.0, NI recommends installing the 8.0.5 or later patch.
  • Requirements Gateway works only with the DOORS client and not with any other web client.

A DOORS module contains a tree of objects similar to numeric headings in a Microsoft Word document. An object specifies header text, contains descriptive text, and contains a unique ID within the module. Each object in a module can define its own attribute values. The data types for attributes include Boolean, numeric, date, and string values.

Requirements Gateway provides the following types for use with DOORS:

  • DOORS Basic—Browses a specified module for requirements and only one type of references and attributes.
  • DOORS Advanced—Browses a specified module for requirements and multiple types of references and attributes.
  • DOORS Full Hierarchy—Browses a specified module and captures the full hierarchy of objects in the module as a hierarchy of requirements.
Tip Tip  Complete the DOORS tutorial to learn how to connect to a DOORS database and add a DOORS document to a project.

You can also refer to the <Requirements Gateway Public>\Examples\Doors directory for an additional example of using the DOORS types in Requirements Gateway.


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