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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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When you add a IBM Rational DOORS document to a project, you must first specify the DOORS module to include in the document. Click File Browse in the File or Directory column on the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box to launch the Select DOORS module dialog box, in which you can log in and navigate to a DOORS database to select the DOORS module.

The Select DOORS module dialog box contains the following options:

  • Database Tree—Lists the modules and projects in the targeted DOORS database.
  • Update DOORS Tree—Updates the tree view with any new modules or projects added to the DOORS database externally from Requirements Gateway since you launched the Select DOORS module dialog box.
  • Server (default if empty)—The path to the server that contains the target DOORS database if the server is different from the current server that hosts the Requirements Gateway application. Leave this control empty if the server is the same as the current server.
  • DOORS login—Contains the following options for accessing the database:
    • User—Username for accessing the database.
    • Password—Password for the specified username.
  • Extract only defined attributes—Extracts only the attributes from objects the type defines to improve performance when collecting data from DOORS.
  • Baseline—The baseline you want to extract from the DOORS database.


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