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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Depending on the type applied to a project document, Requirements Gateway transforms the content of the document into an ASCII or XML intermediate file that contains the same information as the project document source file, but in a format that is no longer binary or proprietary and that Requirements Gateway can more easily analyze for traceability information.

For example, you may have a Microsoft Word source document that contains the requirements for the project, as shown in the following figure.

In this example, the Word document contains the following discrete elements. Each element is associated with a style in the Word source document.

Element Style in Word
Section heading Heading1
Requirement IDs Normal
Requirement text Requirement_Text
General comments Normal

Requirements Gateway includes the Word styles associated with each element in the intermediate file, as shown in the following figure.

To analyze the content of the intermediate file for requirements traceability, the type applied to the document defines regular expressions that parse the content of the immediate file for text that specifies traceability elements. For example, the type applied to this Word document specifies that the text REQ_nn, where nn indicates digits, specifies a requirement ID, and specifies that paragraphs that use the Requirement_Text style specify requirement text.

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