Specifying Covering Links between Documents

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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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A covering link represents a reference on the Project Configuration pane of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box from a covering document to a document that contains requirements.

Note Note  A non-covering link specifies a relationship between project documents that is not associated with the coverage of a requirement. When you use the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box to add a link, click the Covers tab on the Document Options pane and use the Kind pull-down menu to specify whether the link is a covering or non-covering link.

Refer to the Adding a Coverage Document section of Chapter 2, Managing Requirements, of the Getting Started with NI Requirements Gateway manual for a tutorial on how to insert a covering link between two documents.

When you specify a covering relationship on the Project Configuration pane and apply the changes to the project, Requirements Gateway expects the text of the covering document to contain a reference statement to a requirement in the covered document. If no requirement or reference exists in the text, Requirements Gateway triggers the Undefined requirement or Uncovered requirement rules, respectively.

The direction of the arrow on the covering link, as shown in the following figure, points to the upstream, or covered, document. Thus, a document that points to another document covers that document. In this example, the downstream document Covering Specification covers the upstream document Product Specification.

Covering Link between Documents

Select and drag the circle on the covering link to help you arrange the appearance of links on the Project Configuration pane, which can be useful if the project contains a large number of documents.

You can also use the options in the Project Configuration context menu to configure and arrange the graph display.

Specify that multiple downstream documents must combine to cover a single upstream document.

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