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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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You may need to supplement, update, or overwrite existing traceability information in a project document. For example, you may include one of the following documents in a project:

  • A secondary document that explains corrections or updates to a primary specifications document, and that exists in tandem with the primary document because Requirements Gateway has not yet revised or released the primary document with the necessary changes.
  • An additional document, such as a spreadsheet, that provides additional information to make generic requirements that exist in a primary specifications document specific to a project. The additional documents may contain information for allocations, priorities, or applicability.
  • A test plan document that complements the test results captured in a log file.

Adding a Modification File to a Project

Complete the following steps to add a supplementary document, called a modification file, to an existing project document.

  1. On the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box, select the document you want to update with a modification file.
  2. Click Add a modification document to add a new modification file to the project. Requirements Gateway displays a yellow icon on the original project document to indicate that the document has a modification file applied. In the Project Files list, the modification file appears under the project document it modifies.
  3. Click the Modification Files tab.
  4. Select a type for the modification file from the Type of Analysis pull-down menu.
  5. In the File or Directory column, click File Browse to launch a dialog box in which you can browse to the source file or directory you want to use for the modification file. The dialog box that launches depends on the type of the original project document.
  6. If necessary, define any variables in the Variable pull-down menu and use the Value column to enable the variables or define variable values.

Complementing or Overwriting an Original Document

When you enable the Accumulate Information option on the Modification Files tab, the information in the modification file complements the information in the original document. When you disable this option, the information in the modification file replaces the information in the original document.

You can add more than one modification file for each original project document. Requirements Gateway follows the order of the modification files as they appear in the Project Files list when analyzing the project. When you disable the Accumulate Information option, information contained in a document lower in the list overwrites information contained in a document higher in the list.

Internal Modification Files

When you use the main window to add traceability information to a project without modifying the project document source files, Requirements Gateway saves the added information in a separate filename_modification_.txt file in the same directory as the project and automatically applies a modification file to the original project document. Requirements Gateway applies a generic InternalType to the modification file for added information. You cannot change the name, type, or file path for an InternalType modification file.


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