Capturing Traceability Information from PDF Notes

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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Capture traceability information from the content of PDF notes and from the original document text associated with notes. In a Adobe PDF file, you can associate a note with original text in one of the following ways:

  • Highlight text using the Select tool, right-click the text, and select Add Note to Text (Comment) from the context menu.
  • Highlight text using the Highlighter tool, right-click the text, and select Open Pop-up Note from the context menu.

In Requirements Gateway, enable the With annotations option on the Options tab of the PDF Conversion Options dialog box for the PDF document to specify that the PDF file contains traceability information in a note.

When Requirements Gateway analyzes the PDF file, Requirements Gateway applies the following regular expression to the note content:


In this expression, the first parentheses group captures the requirement ID, and the second parentheses group captures the requirement text. The intermediate file contains the following information:

Annot_username_noteGUID/ contents of note/ highlighted PDF text/End_annotation

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