Configuring a Project

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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A project specifies the documents that Requirements Gateway analyzes, the type to use for each document, and the covering links between those documents. You can also restrict access to the project settings and manage multiple concurrent users.

Use the Project and the Options panes of the Configuration dialog box to specify project settings.

Requirements Gateway saves a project as a .rqtf file, which is a text-based file that summarizes the project documents, project document source files, and project configuration.

Requirements Gateway also creates a .rqtfimage file, which is a proprietary binary file that contains the results of a project analysis, including the number of requirements and other elements and the traceability between the elements. When you reload a project, Requirements Gateway reloads the .rqtfimage file to avoid reanalyzing project documents before displaying traceability information if you have not modified the documents.

Note Note  If you delete a .rqtfimage file, Requirements Gateway must completely reanalyze the project documents before displaying any traceability information.

Refer to Chapter 2, Managing Requirements, of the Getting Started with NI Requirements Gateway manual for tutorials on creating a project, adding a document to a project, and adding a covering document.


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