Generating Reports

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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You can generate a built-in or custom report that contains project analysis information. Select one or more project documents in the main window and use the Reports menu to show the list of available reports you can generate. Requirements Gateway can generate reports in rich text formats (RTF), HTML, or PDF formats.

A report model defines the structure and content for a report, and a report template defines the format, page orientation, and file extension for a report.

Note Note  By default, Requirements Gateway displays RTF reports in Microsoft Word because Microsoft WordPad may not properly display tables in RTF reports. If you do not want to use Word to view RTF files, National Instruments recommends using Microsoft Word Viewer 2003 or later.

Refer to Chapter 4, Generating Reports, of the Getting Started with NI Requirements Gateway manual for tutorials on generating reports and using the Reports pane to create a custom report model.


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