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Edition Date: March 2018

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The RequisitePro type browses a specified IBM Rational RequisitePro project (.rqs) for traceability information.

Note Note  RequisitePro contains security settings that can affect how multiple users access RequisitePro project documents from Requirements Gateway.

Traceability Elements

The RequisitePro type captures the following traceability information from a RequisitePro project:

  • Section—A hierarchy of RequisitePro packages in the RequisitePro Explorer window.
  • Requirement—A requirement in a package. The requirement ID in RequisitePro is the requirement ID in Requirements Gateway.
  • Reference—A Trace to link in RequisitePro.
  • Attribute—One of the following attributes in RequisitePro:
    • Priority—The value of the priority attribute associated with a requirement.
    • Difficulty—The value of the difficulty attribute associated with a requirement.
  • Text—The text associated with a requirement or package in a project.
Note Note  In RequisitePro, child requirements do not inherit the properties of parent requirements, and thus RequisitePro does not specify an equivalent to a macro-requirement in Requirements Gateway.

Configuring a RequisitePro Document

The RequisitePro type defines the following document settings you configure for a RequisitePro document on the Details tab of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box:

  • File or Directory—An IBM Rational RequisitePro project file. After you select a .rqs file, Requirements Gateway launches the Choose RequisitePro Package dialog box, in which you can select a package in the project to analyze. Enter a username and password and click Update RequisitePro tree to populate the database tree with the packages available in the target RequisitePro database. The database tree is equivalent to the project tree in the RequisitePro Explorer window. The package name appears in the Value column when you select the Package name variable from the Variable pull-down menu.
  • Variable—Defines the following document variables:
    • Category—Assigns an analysis category to the RequisitePro document. Select a category from the Value pull-down menu. Use the Overall Quality pane of the Management view to review the use of analysis categories in a project.
    • Package name—Specifies that you want to capture traceability information from a specific package in the RequisitePro project. Enter the package name in the Value column. If you do not specify a package name, the type analyzes all packages in the project.


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