Exporting Traceability Information to RequisitePro

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Complete the following steps to export traceability information from a Requirements Gateway project document that covers requirements specified in an IBM Rational RequisitePro package into a separate RequisitePro package.

  1. Launch RequisitePro and click Cancel in the Open Project dialog box.
  2. In the Requirements Gateway Management view, select the document you want to export to RequisitePro and click Export Document to RequisitePro on the toolbar in the main window to launch the Export Document to RequisitePro dialog box.
  3. Complete the following steps to use the Export Document to RequisitePro dialog box to configure how to store the information in RequisitePro.
    1. In the Source tree view, select the elements you want to export. The Source tree view displays the first two levels of the hierarchy of the selected document.
    2. In the Types control, select the specific element types you want to export. The Types control displays a subset of the elements selected in the Source tree view.

      If you deselect an element in the Source tree view, Requirements Gateway does not export the types subset for that element, even if you select the element in the Types control.
    3. Click Browse next to the Target control to launch the Open dialog box, in which you can select an existing RequisitePro project (.rqs) file.
    4. In the Target tree view, you can select an existing package in which to save the source document information. You can also create a new package by specifying a package name in the Package name control. The default name is the name of the document defined on the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box for the source document.
    5. Specify a prefix in the Prefix control to assign a specific three-character prefix to the requirements that Requirements Gateway creates in the RequisitePro package from the exported element.
  4. Click Export to launch a confirmation dialog box that lists the new elements to export to RequisitePro.
  5. Click Export again.
  6. Enter login information for the RequisitePro database in the Login dialog box and click OK.
  7. Click OK when Requirements Gateway displays a message that the operation completed.
  8. Click Close to close the Export Document to RequisitePro dialog box.

In the RequisitePro Explorer window, expand the package name you specified in step 3d to view the requirements exported from the elements of the source document in Requirements Gateway.

RequisitePro adds the prefix you specified in step 3e to each requirement, and automatically creates traceability information for the imported requirements to other requirements in the RequisitePro project. Review the traceability information for a requirement by double-clicking the requirement in the Explorer window to launch the Requirement Properties dialog box and clicking the Traceability tab.

Click the Attributes tab to view and change the attributes associated with the requirement.


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