Validating a Project

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Requirements Gateway declares a set of formal rules that define the required structure of project traceability and configuration information. When analyzing the project, Requirements Gateway reports any rule violations on the Rule Check pane in the Management view or under a Rule check node in the Selection column of the Coverage Analysis and Impact Analysis views. National Instruments recommends that you review the violations for the project before you perform any additional analysis.

Requirements Gateway categorizes rule violations as error, warning, or critical error messages.

Complete the following steps to show the elements that violate rules in the project.

  1. Expand the Rule check node in the Selection column of the Coverage Analysis or Impact Analysis view.

    Requirements Gateway groups elements that violate the same rules under a common heading. For example, Requirements Gateway groups all documents that are not readable under a Document not readable heading and all undefined requirements under an Undefined requirement heading, as shown in the following figure.

    Rule check

  2. Expand the rule violation headings to view the individual documents and elements that violate rules in the project.
  3. Right-click an element under the Rule check node and select Find in the Tree from the context menu or double-click the element to locate the element associated with the violation in the project document in the Selection column.

    When you select an element associated with a violation, click the Messages tab in the Coverage Analysis or Impact Analysis view to show more information about the violation.

    If a document contains an uncovered requirement, undefined requirement, or non-covering entity, the Selection column displays one of the following icons next to the name of the affected element and all parent elements, including the document root node:

    Icon Description
    Derived Requirement
    Uncovered requirement
    Derived Requirement
    Undefined requirement
    Derived Requirement
    Non-covering entity
  4. Right-click the element associated the violation and select Navigate from the context menu to open the project document source file in the default application for the source file type.
  5. Complete the necessary corrections to resolve the violation and exit the application.
  6. Click Back on the main window toolbar to return to the Rule check node and review other violations.
  7. Resolve any other violations and reload the project. Repeat this step until Requirements Gateway does not report any violations.

Requirements Gateway updates the rule checks each time you reload the project. The rule check results for the most recent reload overwrites the rule check results for any previous reload.

Requirements Gateway classifies rules that appear in the Rule check section as error messages or warning messages. Requirements Gateway also defines critical error messages that relate to types but do not appear in the Rule check section.


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