Supplementing Existing Traceability Information

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Use options in the main window to add the following traceability information to a project without modifying the project document source files:

The traceability information you add applies only to the current project. Requirements Gateway saves the added information in a separate filename_modification_.txt file in the same directory as the project and applies a modification file to the original project document. Requirements Gateway displays a yellow icon on the original project document to indicate that the document has a modification file applied.

You can also specify a modification file for any project document to supplement the information the project document contains. For example, you can add a secondary document that corrects or updates information in a primary specification document, or add a secondary document that makes generic requirements in a primary document specific to the current project. Use the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box to specify a modification file for any project document.

Note Note  To specify a certain kind of non-covering link or reference element and reuse it in other projects, add a modification file to a project document and apply a type for added elements to the modification file.

For some external applications, such as IBM Rational DOORS or IBM Rational RequisitePro, use Requirements Gateway to export requirements for use in the external application environment and then use the linking capabilities of the external application to create the traceability information.


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