Creating Links without Modifying Source Files

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Typically, when you add reference information to project documents, you must manually add a reference statement directly to the covering project document source file. To specify a relationship between an upstream requirement and a downstream document without modifying a project document source file, use the Graphical view to create a covering or non-covering link.

Creating a Covering Link

Complete the following steps to use the Graphical view to create a covering link.

  1. In the Graphical view, select a requirement in an upstream document of any type that you want a downstream document of any type to cover.
  2. Press and hold <Ctrl>.
  3. In the downstream document, select the element you want to use to cover the upstream requirement.
  4. Right-click the selected elements and select Create Covering Links»InternalType Coverage from the context menu. The InternalType Coverage link is a generic internal element that Requirements Gateway uses to specify that you created the link in Requirements Gateway and that a project document source file did not specify the link. The new covering link appears in green.
    Note Note  If the Create Covering Links option is unavailable, select Use internal types on the General tab of the Options pane.

Requirements Gateway includes the covering link when calculating requirement coverage for the project.

After you create the link, select the covering document or element in the Selection column of the Coverage Analysis view to view all the requirements the selected element covers in the Upstream Coverage Information column. For covering links you create in the Graphical view, Requirements Gateway identifies the covered requirements with an internal creation reference attribute.

To cover multiple requirements with a single element, if you want multiple elements to cover a single requirement, or if you want multiple elements to cover multiple requirements, press <Ctrl> or <Shift> when you select the requirements or elements in the Graphical view. If you specify a covering relationship that cannot exist, Requirements Gateway returns a Traceability Graph Violation rule violation.

Creating a Non-Covering Link

You can also use the Graphical view to specify a non-covering link. You must create a type for added elements that defines a custom link element, apply the type for added elements to a modification file for a project document, and use the Create Links option in the Graphical view context menu to add the custom link element.

Removing a Link

To delete a link added in the Graphical view, right-click a green link and select Delete from the context menu. You can delete only the links you add using the Graphical view. You cannot delete references or links that a project document source file defines.


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