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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Use the Tagger dialog box to create requirements, entities, references, and attributes in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF source files by adding tags in Requirements Gateway. You can also use the dialog box to update requirement or reference tags in a new version of the document.

Note Note  
  • To use this dialog box for a PDF file, you must have Adobe Acrobat Professional installed. Refer to the Readme.html file for the Acrobat Professional versions that Requirements Gateway supports.
  • The Tagger dialog box creates requirements or entities in PDF files by adding notes. To use this dialog box for a PDF file, you must specify that the PDF file contains traceability information in annotation content, such as review comments. Enable the With annotations option on the Options tab of the PDF Conversion Options dialog box.

Select a Word or PDF file first and then select Tools»Tagger on the menu bar or click Tagger on the toolbar to launch the Tagger dialog box. Requirements Gateway also opens the Word or PDF file you select.

This dialog box contains the following options:

  • Toolbar—Specifies the settings for adding requirements, entities, references, or attributes to a Word or PDF source file and updating a new version of a document. Contains the following buttons:

    Command Name Icon Description
    Save Saves the document and reanalyzes the project.
    New requirement/New entity Creates a new requirement or entity.
    Create requirements basis on specific keywords Creates a new requirements based on specific keywords.
    Re-create Requirement Recreate requirement tags in a document after you update the document to a new version. When you click Replace Document to update a document and a requirement is missing in the new version of the document, Requirements Gateway displays a red cross for the requirement. The Re-create Requirement button is available when you select a requirement with red cross.
    New text Adds the text you select in the Word file into the requirement text.
    New attribute Opens the Attribute type dialog box to create new attributes.
    New reference Creates a new reference in the file you select.
    Tagger type Specifies to list all the requirements, entities, or references in the file you select.
    Delete Deletes the requirement or entity you select and removes the requirement or entity tag in the document.
    Text format Defines the formats of a requirement, including color, bold, italic, and underlined.
    Replace document Replaces the current version of the document with the latest one by reanalyzing the project in Requirements Gateway.
    Insert added attributes Adds attributes to the document for the requirements or entities you select.
    Stay on top Floats the Tagger dialog box on top of other windows.
  • Suffix—Specifies the suffix to add at the end of the requirement or entity ID that you select.
  • Requirements and entities list—Lists all the requirements and entities in a document.
  • Captured text—Displays the requirement or entity text in the source file.
  • Added text—Displays the text you add to the requirement or entity in Requirements Gateway.
  • Attributes and reference—Specifies the reference, attributes, and attribute values for the requirement or entity that you select in the Requirements and entities list.

When you right-click the Requirements and entities list, the context menu displays the following options:

  • Display—Specifies whether to display sections and/or deleted requirements.
  • Delete—Deletes the requirement or entity you select and removes the requirement or entity tag in the document.


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