Updating a Document to a New Version

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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If a document contains a new version, complete the following steps to update the document to the new version.

  1. Select the document with a new version and click Tagger to open the Tagger dialog box.
  2. Click Replace document and select a new version of the document. If a requirement ID or requirement text is missing in the new version, Requirements Gateway displays the following information.
    • If a requirement text exists in both the old and new version of the document but the requirement ID no longer exists, Requirements Gateway highlights the text and prompts you to recreate the missing requirement in the new version. Click Yes to create the requirement. Click Yes for all to create all the missing requirements. Click No to ignore the missing requirement. Click Cancel to stop updating the document.
    • If the ID and text of a requirement both exist in the old version of the document but no longer in the new version, an information dialog box appears to show that Requirements Gateway cannot find the requirement. Click OK to add the missing requirement to Requirements and entities list. Requirements Gateway displays a red cross for the requirement. Click Skip all to add all the missing requirements. Click Cancel to stop updating the document.

To add a missing requirement with a red cross, select the requirement and click Re-create Requirement. To delete the requirement, right-click the requirement from the Requirements and entities list and select Delete from the context menu.


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