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Edition Date: March 2018

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A reference indicates the coverage of a requirement, derived requirements, or macro-requirement. For example, a reference element may interpret [Covers: reqid], where reqid is the ID of the covered requirement, as a reference.

Requirements Gateway does not display a reference as a separate element in the Coverage Analysis or Impact Analysis views but associates the reference with a preceding section or entity element. The Graphical view displays the references between requirements and covering elements as covering links.


Specify the following reference element options on the Types pane of the Configuration dialog box:

Use a sub-regular expression when the reference information contains a reference to several requirements. For example, if the reference text contains CoveredRequirements: REQ1, REQ2, REQ3, use the regular expression CoveredRequirements: (.+), which matches the string CoveredRequirements:, a space, and any characters following it, and the sub-regular expression (REQ\d), which matches the string REQ and one following digit.

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