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Section Element

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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A section specifies how to identify and display the structural elements for a document. Examples of sections include the following:

  • Headings in a text or Microsoft Word file
  • Files in a directory
  • Rows in a database
  • Sequences, step groups, and steps in a TestStand sequence file
  • Front panels, diagrams, controls, and indicators in a LabVIEW VI

You can specify multiple levels of sections and sub-sections.


Specify the following section element options on the Types pane of the Configuration dialog box:

Example Section Expression

The following figure shows an example of a Word intermediate file which contains sections.

Complete the following steps to create a regular expression that captures the section headings shown in the figure.

  1. For a section element you create, enter the expression ^Heading (\d+)\s(.+)$ in the Regular expression control on the Analysis tab of the Types pane.

    This expression defines the following fields:
    • (\d+), which captures the value of heading level, including the 1 in Heading 1 and the 2 in Heading 2.
    • (.+), which captures the section titles, including the string 1 Introduction, the string 2 Example References, and the string 2.1 Capture.
  2. Right-click the Regular expression control and select Field 1»Depth from the context menu to assign Field 1 to Depth.
  3. Right-click the Regular expression control and select Field 2»Identifier from the context menu to assign Field 2 to Identifier.

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