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NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Click the Management View tab in the main window to display the Management view, which contains the following panes:

  • Overall Quality—Displays a status bar that specifies the percentage of covered requirements. The green portion of the status bar indicates covered requirements and the red portion indicates uncovered requirements. The Overall Quality pane also summarizes the total number of documents and requirements in the project.
  • Project Overview—Displays a graphical overview of the project documents, the covering relationship among the documents, and the percentage of covered requirements. The Project Overview pane uses the following colors to display covering links depending on the percentage of covered requirements:

    Link Color Coverage Percentage
    Green 90%–100%
    Orange 70%–90%
    Red 0%–70%
  • Information—Specifies the name and types of a selected document, the number of requirements and references the document contains, and any modification files associated with the document. If you select a document that Requirements Gateway does not support or you do not install the application associated with the document you select, the Information pane displays error messages and possible reasons.
  • Rule Check—Displays a summary of any rule violations for the project and lists the elements that violate a rule. Double-click a listed element to select the element in the Selection column in the Coverage Analysis view.


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