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Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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The Visio type browses a specified Microsoft Visio file (.vsd or .vsdx) for a custom string property named Requirements Traceability that uses the correct syntax for requirements or references.

Traceability Elements

The Visio type captures the following traceability information from a Visio source file:

  • Section—The pages in a file and the shapes on a page.
  • RequirementVISIOnn, where nn are numeric characters in the requirement ID, in the Requirements Traceability custom property of a page or shape.
  • Reference[Covers: reqid1, reqid2] in the Requirements Traceability custom property of a page or shape.
  • Picture—The image of each page in a drawing file.
Note Note  In Visio 2007, you must create the custom property on the shape data for a drawing. In Visio 2003, you must define the custom property on the drawing itself.

Configuring a Visio Document

The Visio type defines the following document settings you configure for a Visio document on the Details tab of the Project pane of the Configuration dialog box:

  • File or Directory—The Visio file.
  • Variable—Defines the following document variables:
    • Category—Assigns an analysis category to the Visio document. Select a category from the Value pull-down menu. Use the Overall Quality pane of the Management view to review the use of analysis categories in a project.

Creating a Visio Reference from Requirements Gateway

To add a reference in a Visio document, insert the correct syntax for a Visio reference into the Requirements Traceability custom property of a page or shape. In Requirements Gateway, right-click a requirement in an upstream document covered by a downstream Visio document and select Copy For»Visio Requirements Traceability Property from the context menu to copy (Covers: reqid) to the clipboard. You can then paste the reference in a Requirements Traceability custom property.

Special Considerations when Creating a Custom Visio Type

Create a custom Visio type to capture traceability information if a Visio source document uses a custom property with a name other than Requirements Traceability. Select the Requirement element of the custom Visio type on the Types pane of the Configuration dialog box, and on the Analysis tab you can modify the default regular expression:

^Property: Requirements Traceability=(?!0.0+|0,0+)(VISIO\d+)

You can replace the Requirements Traceability string with the name of the custom property you want to use.


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