Testing XML Syntax

NI Requirements Gateway 2018 Help

Edition Date: March 2018

Part Number: 371714F-01

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Use the XML pane of the Configuration dialog box to test the XML syntax you define for custom types you create on the Types pane. Testing XML syntax can help you ensure that the XML syntax accurately captures the appropriate elements before you use the syntax in a project.

Complete the following steps to test XML syntax.

  1. On the XML pane, enter project document source file text to use for testing the XML syntax in the XML Content control. You can also use the options in the File menu to import source text from a source file, a directory of source files, or an existing intermediate file for a XML-based type, such as a LabVIEW document.
  2. Add XML tags or attributes and define the structure in the Analysis Tree control. You can also populate the Analysis Tree automatically by clicking Test XML analysis tree below the XML Tree View control on the Types pane.
  3. Click Test.

    Requirements Gateway tests the XML syntax against the text you entered or imported in the XML Content control. If the syntax matches elements of the analyzed text, Requirements Gateway displays the results in the Results table at the bottom of the XML pane.

Updating Tested XML Syntax

You can modify and retest the tested expressions on the XML pane until you obtain the result you want.

If you clicked Test XML analysis tree on the Types pane to launch the XML pane with the XML syntax already populated, and then modified the XML syntax on the Types pane, click Update on the XML pane to replace the previous XML syntax you imported from the Types pane with the most recent versions. The Update button is available only when you click Test XML analysis tree on the Types pane.


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