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Edition Date: April 2015

Part Number: 372062L-01

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Tutorial: Multisim MCU

This tutorial leads you through the process of simulating and debugging a design that contains a microcontroller.

\The files used for this tutorial install with your NI Circuit Design Suite software at ...\samples\Getting Started.

This tutorial uses Getting Started MCU, which accesses the contents of folder LCDWorkspace as required.

The LCD Graphical Display example demonstrates the use of a PIC microcontroller to control a graphical LCD display component in Multisim based on a combination of the Toshiba T6963C controller and an external display RAM. To control the LCD display, the microcontroller sends signals to the LCD through the LCD’s data and control lines. A software program written for the microcontroller determines the logic behind setting the lines on its pins to high or low to send commands and data to the LCD display.


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