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Edition Date: June 2013

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Owning Palette: Statechart Communication Functions

Requires: Statechart Module

Determines whether the specified state is active. An active state is one that a statechart is currently in. You can use this function in either a guard, an action, or a subVI that a guard or action calls.

Use this function to determine the active substate of an orthogonal region or a different statechart.


Statechart States specifies the list of states in the current statechart.

After wiring the StatechartState cluster control, located on the left side of the block diagram to this input. Then, double-click the IsIn function to specify a state to check.
Note  If you place this function in a subVI, you must pass this parameter to that subVI.
IsIn? returns TRUE if the specified state is active. IsIn? returns FALSE if the specified state is not active.

IsIn Details

You can configure the icon style of this function to display the custom icon of the statechart diagram and/or the name or path of the specified state.

In determining whether a state is active, this function analyzes the state vector, which is the path of states and regions that contain the state. For example, consider the following figure:

Consider a situation where you want to check State 4 in State 1, but not State 4 in State 3. In this situation, the function takes into account the regions and states that contain the State 4 you specify.


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