Initial GPS Time of Week Property

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Edition Date: April 2013

Part Number: 372446D-01

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Short Name: Initial GPS Time of Week

Property of niGPS

Specifies the initial time of the GPS week field in the z-count.

This property also refers to the initial time, in seconds, at which the GPS signal simulation must start.

Note  This property must be a multiple of 30 seconds and must be in the valid range for the chosen ephemeris file. If the property is outside these limits, the toolkit coerces this value into the valid limits.
Note  If this property is not set, the toolkit uses the Minimum GPS Time of Week, as shown in the following table, for the chosen ephemeris file.

The valid range for example ephemeris files are shown in the following table.

Ephemeris File Name Minimum GPS Time of Week (seconds) Maximum GPS Time of Week (seconds) Valid GPS Timer (seconds)
brdc3150.07n 0 79200 0, 30,…
brdc3160.07n 86400 165600 86400, 86430,…
brdc3170.07n 172800 252000 172800, 172830,…
brdc3180.07n 259200 338400 259200, 259230,…
brdc3190.07n 345600 424800 345600, 345630,…

The default value is 0.


The following table lists the characteristics of this property.

Datatype /images/reference/en-XX/help/372446D-01/cu32.gif


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