Configuring Counter-Driven Outputs (Scan Interface)

CompactRIO Reference and Procedures Scan Interface

Edition Date: July 2010

Part Number: 372603F-01

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Counter-driven output channels respond in a predetermined way when a counter channel on a digital input module reaches the terminal count. You must configure a digital input channel on another module for edge counting and select an action for the Terminal Count Output Mode. Then you select the digital output channel with the same channel number and configure it as a counter-driven output. You can configure the following options for a counter-driven output.

Drive from Slot

Use this control to select a slot with a digital input module that has at least one channel configured to count edges. Refer to the Project Explorer window and select a slot that has a channel called CTRx, where x is the number of the selected output channel.

Counter Driven

Use this control to enable or disable counter-driven output for the selected output channel. If you select Enabled, the counter selected with the Drive from Slot control drives the selected output channel. If counter-driven output is enabled for the selected channel, LabVIEW removes the I/O variable for the selected channel from the Project Explorer window. If an I/O variable for the selected channel is used in a block diagram of a VI, the VI will not run.


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