NI 9264 (Scan Interface)

CompactRIO Reference and Procedures Scan Interface

Edition Date: July 2010

Part Number: 372603F-01

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CompactRIO 16-Channel, ±10 V, 16-Bit Simultaneous Analog Voltage Output Module

Module I/O Variables

To use I/O from this module in a VI, drag and drop I/O variables from the Project Explorer window to the block diagram of the VI. The I/O variables write floating-point values to the channels in volts.

Module Channels

The NI 9264 has the following channels.

Channel Description
AOx Analog output channel x, where x is the number of the channel. For the NI 9264, x is 0 to 15.

C Series Module Properties Dialog Box

Use this dialog box to configure the NI 9264. Right-click the NI 9264 in the Project Explorer window and select Properties to display this dialog box. You can configure the following options.

  • Name—Specifies the name of the C Series module, which appears in the Project Explorer window. LabVIEW assigns a default name to the module based on the slot number. You can use this field to give the module a descriptive name.
  • Module Type—Specifies the type of C Series module. You cannot change this value.
  • Location—Specifies a slot in the chassis for the C Series module.

Hardware Documentation

Refer to the NI 9264 Operating Instructions and Specifications to learn about module specifications and how to use the module. Refer to the CompactRIO Related Documentation (Scan Interface) topic for further information about CompactRIO documentation.


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