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Edition Date: November 2015

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Use the controls and indicators on the Controls palette to create front panels for LabVIEW VIs. Controls and indicators provide ways to send input to and receive output from the block diagram. Select View»Controls Palette or right-click the front panel workspace to display the Controls palette.

Styles of Controls and Indicators

The Controls palette includes the following styles of front panel controls and indicators:

ModernUse the modern controls and indicators to create most front panels.
SilverUse the silver controls and indicators for VIs end users interact with. Silver controls and indicators provide an alternative visual style for VIs end users interact with. The appearance of these controls and indicators changes depending on the platform on which the end user runs the VI.
SystemUse the system controls and indicators in dialog boxes you create. System controls and indicators are designed specifically for use with dialog boxes because the controls adapt their color and appearance to match the standard dialog box controls for the platform on which the end user runs the VI.
ClassicUse the classic controls and indicators to create VIs for low-color monitor settings. Also use classic controls and indicators for creating controls with customized appearances, and for printing panels in black and white.
ExpressUse the Express controls and indicators for Express VIs.
.NET & ActiveXUse .NET and ActiveX controls and indicators to manipulate .NET or ActiveX controls.
User ControlsUse the user controls to contain custom controls and indicators you add to the subpalette by saving them to the LabVIEW User Library. By default, the user controls subpalette does not contain any objects.

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