Programming VIs and Functions

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Edition Date: November 2015

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Requires: Base Development System. This topic might not match its corresponding palette in LabVIEW depending on your operating system, licensed product(s), and target.

Use the Programming VIs and functions as the basic building blocks for a VI.

Application Control VIs and FunctionsUse the Application Control VIs and functions to programmatically control VIs and LabVIEW applications on the local computer or across a network. You can use these VIs and functions to configure multiple VIs at the same time.
Array FunctionsUse the Array functions to create and manipulate arrays.
Boolean FunctionsUse the Boolean functions to perform logical operations on single Boolean values or arrays of Boolean values.
Cluster, Class, & Variant VIs and FunctionsUse the Cluster, Class & Variant VIs and functions to create and manipulate clusters and LabVIEW classes, convert LabVIEW data to a format you can manipulate independent of data type, add attributes to the data, and convert variant data to LabVIEW data.
Comparison FunctionsUse the Comparison functions to compare Boolean values, strings, numeric values, arrays, and clusters.
Dialog & User Interface VIs and FunctionsUse the Dialog & User Interface VIs and functions to create dialog boxes to prompt users with instructions.
File I/O VIs and FunctionsUse the File I/O VIs and functions to open and close files, read from and write to files, create directories and files you specify in the path control, retrieve directory information, and write strings, numbers, arrays, and clusters to files.
Graphics & Sound VIsUse the Graphics & Sound VIs to create custom displays, import and export data from graphics files, and play sounds.
Numeric FunctionsUse the Numeric functions to create and perform arithmetic and complex mathematical operations on numbers and to convert numbers from one data type to another. Use the VIs and functions on the Elementary and Special Functions and VIs palette to perform trigonometric and logarithmic functions.
Report Generation VIsUse the Report Generation VIs to create and manipulate reports of LabVIEW applications. You also can use the VIs on this palette to insert text, tables, and graphs into bookmark locations.
String FunctionsUse the String functions to concatenate two or more strings, extract a subset of strings from a string, convert data into strings, and format a string for use in a word processing or spreadsheet application.
StructuresUse the structures to build VIs.
Synchronization VIs and FunctionsUse the Synchronization VIs and functions to synchronize tasks executing in parallel and to pass data between parallel tasks.
Time, Dialog & Error VIs and FunctionsUse the Time, Dialog & Error VIs and functions to manipulate the speed at which an operation executes, retrieve time and date information from the computer clock, and create dialog boxes to prompt users with instructions.
Timing VIs and FunctionsUse the Timing VIs and Functions to manipulate the speed at which an operation executes and to retrieve time and date information from the computer clock.
Waveform VIs and FunctionsUse the Waveform VIs and functions to build waveforms that include the waveform values, channel information, and timing information, and to set and retrieve waveform attributes and components.


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