Compiled Object Cache

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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A compiled object cache is the location where LabVIEW stores the compiled code for the following kinds of files:

The object caches are located in the LabVIEW Data directory.

You do not need to manually interact with the object cache. However, you might want to clear the object cache if you delete a large number of VIs in the previous list. LabVIEW does not automatically delete the associated compiled code when you delete these kinds of VIs. To reclaim the disk space occupied by the compiled code of deleted VIs, you must clear the entire cache that contains the compiled code for the deleted VIs.

Caution  After you clear an object cache, LabVIEW requires time to recompile each file whose compiled code was stored in the object cache. This recompilation occurs the next time LabVIEW loads each file. Consider this performance tradeoff before clearing an object cache.


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