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Edition Date: November 2015

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Use the following subpalettes to choose controls and indicators to build the front panel for your LabVIEW application.

Note  The availability of front panel controls and indicators may vary depending on the subpalette style you choose. Refer to the Modern, Silver, System, or Classic subpalette for front panel control and indicator availability.
Subpalette Description
Array, Matrix & Cluster Use array and cluster controls and indicators to group data elements of other controls and indicators. Use matrix controls and indicators to enter and display matrix data.
Boolean Use Boolean controls and indicators to enter and display TRUE/FALSE value with buttons, switches, and lights.
Containers Use container controls and indicators to group other controls and indicators or to display the front panel of another VI on the front panel of the current VI.
Decorations Use decorations to graphically group or separate front panel objects without affecting the functionality of the VI. Decorations include objects such as boxes, lines, or arrows.
Graph Use graph and chart indicators to plot and display numeric data.
I/O Use I/O name controls and indicators to pass names associated with I/O hardware configurations to I/O Vis to communicate with an instrument or a device.
List, Table & Tree Use list and tree controls and indicators to give users lists of items from which to select. Use tables to display strings of data in columns and rows.
Numeric Use numeric controls and indicators to enter and display numeric data.
Refnum Use refnum controls and indicators to reference files, directories, devices, and network connections.
Ring & Enum Use ring and enumerated controls and indicators to create a list of items for the end user to select from. The ring controls and indicators support only the numeric data type. The enumerated controls and indicators support the numeric data type with their corresponding strings included.
String & Path Use string controls and indicators to enter or display text. Use path controls and indicators to enter or return file or directory paths.
Variant & Class Use variant and class controls and indicators to interact with variant and object-oriented data.

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Select View»Controls Palette to display the Controls palette and then select controls and indicators from the Controls palette and place them on the front panel.


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