Find Callers Dialog Box

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Right-click an item in the Project Explorer window and select Find»Callers from the shortcut menu to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to find all callers of a specific item in the project.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • List of callers—Lists all callers found in the project for the item.
  • Go To—Highlights the selected search result in the Project Explorer window. You also can double-click the result to highlight it.

This dialog box displays the VIs in which the selected item exists. It does not display the instances of the item within each VI. If the item only has one caller, LabVIEW highlights the caller in the Project Explorer window.

You also can use the Find:Callers property to find callers programmatically.


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