General Settings Page (Project Library Properties Dialog Box)

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Use this page of the Project Library Properties dialog box to set the version number, VI icon template, and default palette settings for a LabVIEW project library.

This page includes the following components:

  • Version Number—Contains the version number.
    • Major—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a major revision.
    • Minor—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a minor revision.
    • Fix—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a revision to fix problems.
    • Build—Specifies the component of the version number that indicates a specific build.
  • VI Icon Template—Displays the icon to associate with the project library or statechart. Click the Edit Icon button to display the Icon Editor dialog box, which you can use to create or edit an icon.

    LabVIEW applies the project library icon to the icon of all objects in the library.
    • Icon—Displays the icon in 256-color format.
    • Edit Icon—Displays the Icon Editor dialog box.
    • Apply Icon to VIs—Applies the existing project library icon to VIs in the project library.
  • Default Palette—Specifies the palette file (.mnu) to use as the default for all VIs that the project library owns. You must add a palette file to the project library before you can select a default palette.
    Note  If you previously set the default palette from the Default Palette checkbox on the Item Settings page, the default appears in this listbox. If you use this listbox to change the default palette, the new default palette file contains a checkmark in the Default Palette checkbox.
  • Library Path—Displays the current path to the file. For project libraries, Library Path displays the path to the project library (.lvproj) file.
  • Source Version—Displays the version number of LabVIEW in which this project item was last saved.
  • Separate compiled code from source file—Stores an up-to-date version of this file in the compiled object cache. Select this option to obtain the benefits of separating compiled code from this file.


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