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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Select File»New to display this dialog box.

Use this dialog box to create different components in LabVIEW that help you build an application. You also can use the New dialog box to create a new component based on a template.

In the Getting Started window, press the <Ctrl-N> keys to bypass this dialog box and create a new blank VI.

(Mac OS X) Press the <Command-N> keys. (Linux) Press the <Meta-N> keys.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Create New—Displays starting points for VIs and other LabVIEW documents. Select an item from one of the following categories and click the OK button to start building a VI or other LabVIEW document.
    • VI—The items in this category create new VIs.
      • Blank VI—Creates a new, blank Virtual Instrument (VI).
      • Polymorphic VI—Creates a new, blank, polymorphic VI.
      • From Template—Opens a front panel and block diagram with components you need to build different types of VIs. Click a template in the From Template category of the Create new listbox to display the front panel in the Front Panel Preview section, to display the block diagram in the Block Diagram Preview section, and to display a description of the template in the Template Description text box.
        • Frameworks—Opens a front panel and block diagram with components and settings to build VIs for general purpose applications.
        • Instrument I/O—Opens a front panel and block diagram with components to communicate with an external instrument attached to the computer through a port, such as a serial or GPIB-enabled device.
        • Simulated—Opens a front panel and block diagram with components to simulate acquiring data from a device.
        • User—Opens a VI with components from a template that you created.
          • Browse—Opens a file dialog from which you can select a template.
    • Project—The items in this category create new projects.
      • Empty Project—Creates a project to manage VIs, support files, applications, and hardware configurations.
      • Project from Wizard—The items in this category interactively create projects based on details you provide about the intended application.
    • Other Files—Creates the tools you use to build other LabVIEW objects.
      • I/O Server(DSC or Real-Time Module) Creates an I/O server to communicate with and manage input/output devices. These I/O servers read selected input items and write to the selected input items on demand. You must have a project open to create an I/O server.
      • Class—Creates a LabVIEW class. LabVIEW classes are user-defined data types. LabVIEW classes are the basis for LabVIEW object-oriented programming.
      • Custom Control—Creates custom user interface components that vary cosmetically from built-in LabVIEW controls and indicators. You also can use this option to create type definitions.
      • Global Variable—Creates a container VI for global variables that can be accessed from anywhere in the application.
      • Library—Creates a project library.
      • Run-Time Menu—Creates a run-time menu.
      • XControl—Creates an XControl that combines built-in LabVIEW controls and indicators. Unlike custom controls, XControls have dynamic run-time and edit-time behavior that is defined by VIs that run in the background.
        Note  This item is available only in the LabVIEW Professional Development System.
  • Description—Displays an image and a description of the component you selected in the Create New list.
  • Add to project—Adds the component to the project you select in the Projects pull-down menu. If no project is available, LabVIEW disables this checkbox.
  • Projects—Specifies the project to which LabVIEW will add the selected component. This pull-down menu appears only if you have more than one project open.
Note  LabVIEW automatically selects and disables the Add to project checkbox. If no project is available, LabVIEW disables the OK button. If multiple projects are available, you can select the project to which you want to add the item from the Projects pull-down menu.


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