Resolve Load Conflict Dialog Box

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

This dialog box appears when LabVIEW loads a file that requires dependencies that are conflicting items in the LabVIEW project. A conflict is a potential cross-link that occurs when LabVIEW loads an item that has the same qualified name as an item already in the project.

Use this dialog box to choose which dependent file to load.

This dialog box includes the following components:

  • Conflicting Items—Lists the paths and LabVIEW version of all items in the project and Dependencies that the file you attempt to load refers to. If an item matches the path expected by the loading file, a blue arrow appears next to that item.
    Note  Items might appear in Conflicting Items that LabVIEW cannot access because the path is missing or the item is in a different version of LabVIEW. You can select these items, but the items referencing them might load with errors.
  • Browse—Opens the file dialog box and allows you to select an existing file to add to Conflicting Items. You can choose to load a VI from disk instead of from the items in Conflicting Items. If you load an item not currently in the project, LabVIEW adds the item under Dependencies. Browse is disabled when LabVIEW loads a conflicting item from a path the caller did not expect.
  • Details for Selected Item—Displays information about the item you select in Conflicting Items. Details include the item icon, full path, creation date, and modification date.
    Note  Other notifications appear depending on the item and situation. Notifications might state LabVIEW is unable to access the file on disk, a connector pane mismatch occurs between the selected item and the item trying to load, an item is from a version of LabVIEW that is unable to load, or the selected item matches the path expected by the item trying to load. If LabVIEW cannot access the file, a question mark icon appears.
  • Load With Selected—Loads the item you select and closes the dialog box. LabVIEW updates the callers of this item to call this item as necessary.


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