Menu Shortcuts Page (Options Dialog Box)

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Requires: Base Development System

Select Tools»Options to display the Options dialog box and select Menu Shortcuts from the Category list to display this page.

Use this page to set keyboard shortcuts for edit-time VI menu items. Use the Menu Editor dialog box to customize run-time shortcut menus.

This page includes the following components:

  • Menu Items and Shortcuts—Displays the menu items and their corresponding keyboard shortcuts in a table. The table contains the following columns:
    • Menu Item—Lists the menu items to which you can assign keyboard shortcuts. Select a menu item to assign a custom keyboard shortcut to it.
    • Shortcut—Lists the keyboard shortcuts assigned to the menu items.
    • Default—Lists the default keyboard shortcuts LabVIEW assigns to the menu items.
  • Restore All—Restores all the default LabVIEW keyboard shortcuts. This button is disabled if none of the menu items have new keyboard shortcuts.
  • Selected Item—Displays the selected menu item.
  • Shortcut (Press key combination)—Press the combination of keys on your keyboard that you want to assign to the selected menu item as a shortcut. When you press <alphanumeric key> or <alphanumeric key-Shift>, LabVIEW automatically appends <Ctrl> as a modifier key. (Mac OS X) LabVIEW automatically appends the <Command> as a modifier key. For function keys <F1> to <F24>, LabVIEW does not automatically append <Ctrl> as a modifier key, but you can use these function keys with <Ctrl> as a modifier key. Currently, LabVIEW does not support key combinations with <Alt> as shortcuts. If you select a key combination that LabVIEW reserves as a shortcut, a warning appears and LabVIEW disables the Set button. If you select a key combination assigned to another menu item, a conflict warning appears and displays the menu item that already has that keyboard shortcut, but the Set button remains enabled.
    Note  (Mac OS X) If you select a key combination that conflicts with a standard Mac OS X shortcut, such as <Command-H>, LabVIEW overwrites the operating system shortcut. To re-enable the standard shortcut functionality, change the LabVIEW keyboard shortcut and restart LabVIEW. Keyboard shortcuts using the function keys work only if Exposé does not assign the function keys as shortcut keys.
  • Set—Assigns the keyboard shortcut in the Shortcut (Press key combination) box to the selected menu item. If you receive a warning that the key combination in the Shortcut (Press key combination) box conflicts with the keyboard shortcut of another menu item, pressing the Set button takes the keyboard shortcut from the original menu item and assigns it to the selected menu item. This button is disabled if LabVIEW reserves the key combination in the Shortcut (Press key combination) box.
  • Default Shortcut—Displays the default keyboard shortcut that LabVIEW assigns to the selected menu item.
  • Restore—Restores the default LabVIEW keyboard shortcut for the selected menu item. This button is disabled if the selected item does not have a new keyboard shortcut.


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