Ranges of LabVIEW Error Codes

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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VIs and functions in LabVIEW can return numeric error codes. This book includes tables of numeric error codes and the descriptions for these errors. Each error code table includes a range of error codes, such as mathematics error codes or security error codes. The error code tables are arranged in ascending order, from negative to positive values. You can define custom error codes in the range of –8999 through –8000, 5000 through 9999, or 500,000 through 599,999.

Some numeric error codes are used by more than one group of VIs and functions. For example, error 65 is both a serial error code, indicating a serial port timeout, and a networking error code, indicating that a network connection is already established.

Refer to the KnowledgeBase for more information about correcting errors in LabVIEW.


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