FPGA I/O Constant

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Owning Palette: FPGA I/O Functions

Requires: FPGA Module

Use the FPGA I/O constant to specify an FPGA I/O item on the block diagram.

Use the Configure FPGA I/O Name Control Type dialog box to configure an FPGA I/O constant and determine which methods and properties an FPGA I/O constant supports.

The shortcut menu that appears when you click inside the FPGA I/O constant lists only the FPGA I/O items that appear in the Project Explorer window under the same FPGA target as the active VI. If the FPGA I/O constant is already configured, the list displays only I/O items that support the configuration.

You also can specify an I/O item by clicking inside the FPGA I/O constant and typing the name of the I/O item.

To reference an FPGA I/O resource using the FPGA I/O constant, you must add the I/O resource under the FPGA target in the Project Explorer window.

When creating a reusable subVI, use the FPGA I/O control to specify an FPGA I/O item on the block diagram.

Note  Although the FPGA I/O constant looks the same as the FPGA clock constant, the two constants represent distinct data types.


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