Converting LabVIEW Data to Variant Data

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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The variant data type is a generic container for all other types of data in LabVIEW. When you convert other data to a variant, the variant stores the data and the original data type. Use variant data when it is important to manipulate data independently of data type.

Complete the following steps to convert LabVIEW data to variant data.

  1. Add the To Variant function to the block diagram.

  2. Wire data to the anything input.
  3. Wire the variant output of the To Variant function to any VI or function that accepts variant data as an input.
  4. Run the VI.

After you convert LabVIEW data to variant data, you can add attributes to the data.

You also can convert variant data to LabVIEW data.


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