Correcting Broken VIs

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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If a VI does not run, it is a broken, or nonexecutable, VI. The Run button appears broken when the VI you are creating or editing contains errors.

Complete the following steps to find out why a VI is broken.

  1. Click the broken Run button or select View»Error List to display the Error list window, which lists all the errors.
  2. Select the VI you want to correct from the Items with errors section, which lists the names of all VIs in memory that have errors. The name of the currently active VI is highlighted when you first open the Error list window.
Note  Broken items appear with a red glyph beside the item name. Items that cause errors because they are being edited at the time the error occurs appear with a pencil icon beside the item name. Items that appear with no icons beside the item name broke because an item on which they depend is broken.
  1. (Optional) Place a checkmark in the Show Warnings checkbox to show all warnings.
  2. Select an error or warning description in the Error list window. The Details section describes the errors and in some cases recommends how to correct the errors.
  3. Click the Help button to display a topic in the LabVIEW Help that describes the error in detail and includes step-by-step instructions for correcting the error.
  4. Click the Show Error button or double-click the error description to highlight the area on the block diagram or front panel that contains the error.

Common Causes of Broken VIs

Complete the following steps to check for the most common reasons why a VI is broken while you edit it.

  1. Confirm that the block diagram has no broken wires.
  2. Confirm that you wired all block diagram terminals that required wiring.
  3. Determine if a subVI is broken by selecting View»Error List and checking all the entries in the Items with errors section for errors. You break a subVI if you edit its connector pane after you place its icon on the block diagram of the VI.

You also can use debugging techniques to correct broken VIs.


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