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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Front panel objects also can have captions. You can use captions instead of labels to localize a VI without breaking the VI. Unlike a label, a caption does not affect the name of the object, and you can use it as a more descriptive object label. The caption appears only in the front panel window.

If you assign the object to a connector pane terminal, the caption appears in a tip strip when you use the Wiring tool to move the cursor over the terminal on the block diagram. The caption also appears next to the terminal in the Context Help window if you move the cursor over the connector pane or VI icon.

Right-click the object and select Visible Items»Caption from the shortcut menu to show or hide the caption.

Note  When the text of the caption changes, LabVIEW does not need to recompile the VI or its callers.

You also can use the Text property to change the text of a caption programmatically or use the Caption property to reference the caption.


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