Customizing Conditions for Conditional Disable Structures

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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If you are using a Conditional Disable structure in a LabVIEW project, you can define custom conditional disable symbols in LabVIEW. Conditional disable symbols consist of a symbol name and a symbol value. Comparing the symbol name and the symbol value creates a condition that must be TRUE for LabVIEW to compile and execute the subdiagram.

Complete the following steps to customize conditions by creating conditional disable symbols.

  1. Select Project»Properties to display the Project Properties dialog box.
  2. Select Conditional Disable Symbols from the Category list to display the Conditional Disable Symbols page.
  3. Enter a name for the symbol you want to create in the New Symbol text box. You might choose names for the symbols to indicate the function they perform. The name of the symbol is case sensitive.
  4. Enter the value you want the symbol to represent in the New Value text box.
    Note Note  Values are case-sensitive strings, which means that LabVIEW handles numerical values you enter as strings rather than numbers. For example, if you define the value of a custom symbol as 0.0 and then configure the condition to 0 in the Configure Condition dialog box, that condition evaluates to false.
  5. Click the Add button to add the new symbol to the conditional disable symbols list.
  6. Click the OK button to close the Conditional Disable Symbols page. You now can use the symbols you just defined in the Conditional Disable structure.

You also can create conditional disable symbols on a target level in the appropriate Target Properties dialog box. For example, if you are using an FPGA target, you can create the conditional disable symbol in the FPGA Target Properties dialog box.

If the same symbol is defined on both a project level and a target level in the same project, the Conditional Disable structure recognizes only the symbol defined for the target.


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