Creating Object Descriptions and Tip Strips

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Edition Date: November 2015

Part Number: 372614J-01

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Create descriptions for objects, such as controls and indicators, to describe the purpose of the object and to give users instructions for using the object. The object description appears in the Context Help window when you move the cursor over the object and in VI documentation you generate. Tip strips are brief descriptions that appear when you move the cursor over an object while a VI runs.

Complete the following steps to enter a description and a tip strip for an object.

  1. Add an object to the front panel or block diagram.
  2. Label the object.
  3. Right-click the object and select Description and Tip from the shortcut menu to display the Description and Tip dialog box.
  4. Enter a description of the object in the Description text box. The Description text box uses the label you entered for the object. You do not have to enter description information for the tip strip to work. You can add bold formatting to the description.
Note  You can enter a description for a VI or function located on the Functions palette but you can only view the description in the Description and Tip dialog box. The description will not appear in the Context Help window.
  1. Enter a tip strip for the object, up to 255 characters, in the Tip text box. Notice the Tip text box uses the label you entered for the object.
Note  The Tip text box is available only for controls, indicators, or constants. You cannot enter tip information for VIs or functions.
  1. Click the OK button to save the description and tip strip.

You also can use the Description and Tip Strip properties to change description and tip information programmatically.


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